You raise us up, you give us your nourishment,
You care for us in our youth, and let us suckle in our infancy,
You teach us, and guide us, and protect us.
It is said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Yet heaven hath no wrath like mother Kali's ferocity.
As a lionness protects and feeds her whelp, and the thunder bird guards her eggs. 
The instincts of motherhood, compassion, love, protection, teaching,
All these come from Kali, the great mother of night and day.
She is the reflection of all that is beyond experience.
The dynamic energy of war and peace that shields and nurtures us.
It is by her blade and thirst for blood that we are safe.
It is by her bosom and hand that we are fed.
It is by her wise mouth that we learn.
It is by her that we are freed from oppression from without and within. 
She is the time and the abyss that all experience and knowledge is gained by and within. 
Heil Kali
Mother of All